Artistic direction: Milo Scotton


ArteMakìa is not only a contemporary circus company, it is an idea, an aim to be achieved through the capacity and creativity of the artist and director Milo Scotton. From the important union and collaboration, during the last ten years, with Olivia Ferraris has been created productions of national and international value, so that ArteMakìa could collect everything that the duo Milo & Olivia has successfully produced since 2006. The new company now is projected into an innovative project, not only with the enthusiasm of ideas and talent, but above all with the skills coming from a solid experience gained in the field of live entertainment. ArteMakìa is a wide-ranging project that aims to enhance the contemporary circus as an impulse to life, to hope, because the physical prowess of artists might join a humour that makes people think more lightly and gives pure evasion, in a completely new way. In repertoire performances as in new productions, the spectator finds the right balance between an elegant poetic narrative and an innovative technical research linked to the movement and the more classical circus disciplines. On stage tools live and tell stories and emotions, artists are always performing a lived experience capable to reach an audience of all ages. The productions are the result of collaborations that bring on stage new themes with a cast of young artists coming from the most important schools in the national and international scene.