Acrobati aerei

Sonics in the world are 30 countries visited, over 1.000 shows performed and more than 1.300.000 spectators met!
SONICS adventure was born in 2001 from an idea of ​​Alessandro Pietrolini the artistic director of the company and Ileana Prudente, costume designer and choreographer. Both of them has been performers and author of all shows. The project became a reality and started to grow with the arrival of Manager Fanzia Verlicchi in 2003. In 2010 Sonics decided to undertake their first theatrical tour and since then they have been in all major theatres and festivals in Italy and abroad such as in Scotland, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Austria, Romania and United Arab Emirates. Besides the theatrical adventure, the company took part in some of the most important international events such as the Closing Ceremony of the 2006 Olympic Games, the Kiev Olympic Stadium Opening Ceremony in 2012 for the European Football Championships and the Opening Ceremony of Pitti Uomo in Florence in June 2017, in a square (Piazza Pitti) packed with over 80.000 people.
Sonics have always combined athleticism and poetry, physical strength and lightness, dance and acrobatics, creating shows with a strong visual impact. They create aerial choreographies by
descending and interacting with machines and stage props of their own design. To hang these huge machines usually use auto crane for outdoor shows, on the other hand in theatre they suspend the props to the fly space above the stage. The Sonics Creative Lab, located a few kilometres from Turin, is the place where the dream takes shape day by day. This group of artists, thanks to a solid and close-knit team game made of passion, sacrifices and satisfactions, have contributed to strength the name of the company, now appreciated all over the world.