Voyages Extraordinaires

Theater company

Voyages Extraordinaires are circus artists, actors, clowns, mimes, acrobats, tide rope wolkers and musicians who since 2002 have met and worked together in many street theater and circus festivals. Each of them has his own journey as single artist, they are different and extraordinary at the same time. They are able to create from their individual story a unique performance every time. Voyages Extraordinaires is the name of this encounter of artists that has generated the Steampunk Parade experience.

Federico Toso – Stilts and Fire
Giuseppe Vetti – Visual Clown
Andrea Montevecchi – Juggling Clown and musician
Sandro Sassi – Tightrope walker and Acrobatic Juggler
Tatiana Foschi – Aerial acrobat
Cristina Geninazzi – Aerial acrobat
Charlotte Hagelstein – Stilts and Fire
Nicolò Antioco Ximenes – Juggling Clown and Chinese Pole
Francesca Mari – Antipode Juggler

Technicians and Specialists
Massimiliano Todisco – Machines and photo
Domenico Mannelli – Music composer
Luca Carbone – Logistic and technical responsible
Gabriele Silva – Rigger
Matteo Cionini: mime and stilts.